Wisconsin Environmental Research Program FAQs

1. Why study the effects of electrical generation and transmission on the environment in Wisconsin?
The more we know about how electrical generation and transmission affect the Wisconsin environment, the greater our chances are of preventing pollution in the future. As our towns and cities grow, we will need to produce more electrical power. How we accomplish this will have an impact on many things including our health, our economy, and our beautiful natural environment. We need to have more information in order to make wise decisions about new generation plants and transmission lines, and to know how we can reverse environmental damage that has already occurred.

2. What is the Environmental Research Program (ERP) and what are its goals?
The Environmental Research Program (ERP) is an important part of the Focus on Energy Program because its purpose is to further the exploration of how our energy use has an impact on Wisconsin’s natural environment. Funding for this program is designated to support research projects that study the environmental effects of electrical generation and transmission.

The primary goal of this program is to contribute practical and useful knowledge to the ongoing process of designing Wisconsin’s electrical energy future. Of specific interest are research projects that fill gaps in existing knowledge about the environmental effects of electrical energy generation and transmission in Wisconsin.

For a two-page print-optimized overview of the Environmental Research Program, download:
ERP Program Overview  ( 32KB)

For lists of projects funded by the Environmental Research Program:
Environmental Research Projects Selected in FY02  ( 71KB)

Environmental Research Projects Selected in FY03  ( 72KB)

3. What is the Environmental Research Forum and what is its role in the Program?
The Environmental Research Forum was appointed by the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s Division of Energy to recommend research projects for funding. The eight members of the Forum contribute a broad spectrum of viewpoints and expertise, and represent the following organizations and institutions: the University of Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources, the Public Service Commission, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Administration’s Division of Energy, Wisconsin Environmental Decade, and two representatives of investor-owned Wisconsin utilities.

The Forum has developed a proposal process to solicit, evaluate, and recommend research projects for funding once a year, in late autumn. Interested researchers are invited to participate. For complete information about the latest Request for Proposal, go to RFP Postings Environmental Research Program. For further information about the process, go to Grant Process FAQs.

For more information about the Environmental Research Forum, download the ERP Program Overview document listed under Question 2 above. For a print-optimized list of the members of the Environmental Research Forum, download:
ER Forum Members  ( 122KB)

4. How will the ERP results be used to improve the environment in Wisconsin?
The Environmental Research Forum wants to emphasize the importance of learning new information about the effects of electrical generation and transmission on Wisconsin’s environment. New information from research results will be made available to legislators and policy makers, the scientific community, and the general public.

Final research reports will appear at Research Reports as projects are completed. Other new data will appear on this website at Other Program Publications as they become available.

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